Hooking Frames Available


Stephenson Fiber Arts Standard Hooking Frame


This frame is based on the frame I first made Susie when she started hooking in 1994.  Over a hundred rugs were produced on that frame and based on that experience we’ve made a few small improvements.  This is a simple, yet time tested, design that will get you started for a reasonable cost and take you as far as you want to go.

Our Standard Hooking frame is a portable lap frame with a 6 ¾ X 12 ¾ opening.  Construction is of White Pine with hardwood risers and gripper strips to hold the backing.  The top face has been beveled in order to provide a better grip on your backing.  The risers are round and the inside corners have been chamfered in order to create more space for your hands.   The frame is finished with a simple oil mixture that will darken with age.  The frame will be available soon for $65 plus shipping on our Etsy store.

Custom Frames are also available upon request.

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