2016 Winter to Spring Dye Workshops

Dye displayEight full day Sunday workshops will be held at the Stephenson Fiber Art Gallery from January to May to explore the art and practice of dyeing wool. From chemical to natural dyes and stove top to microwave, students will practice a variety of techniques to create a palette for their fiber art.

These are hands-on workshops, not demonstrations.  Expect to get your hands wet and be sure to bring an apron.

Workshops will be held from 10am to 3pm at our Gallery in Edgecomb, Maine.  A light lunch will be included.   The cost is $75 per workshop or five workshops for $300.  All materials for the class will be provided.  Dye kits and wool will be available for those who wish to continue at home.

In order for everyone to get a true hands-on experience there will be a limit of 8 participants for each workshop

Workshop Schedule

Mar. 20:  Dyeing Roving, Angora Locks, and Dip Dyeing,  Using Pro Chemical & Dye, participants will dye roving, wool, and angora locks.  We will prepare fiber, mix colors and practice dip dyeing.

Apr. 10:  Microwave, Oven Dyeing, and Hand Painting,  Participants will learn and practice alternatives to the traditional dye pot.  We will use the microwave and oven and will create a rainbow of colors.

Apr. 17:  Pro Chemical & Dye Basics,  Participants will prepare wool, measure using Grey Dye Spoons, mix colors, set dyes, and create recipes for a color wheel using Pro Chemical & Dye.

May 1:  Using Natural Dyes, Participants will prepare wool for dyeing with natural dyes.  We will practice with onion skins, walnut shells, tea, and beet juice.  A variety of mordants will be used to achieve different results.

May 15:  Antiquing Colors for that Traditional Look,  Participants will learn how to make Antique Black, create an off white grunge and how to marry colors so that they go together in a hooked rug.


To sign up for a workshop, contact Susie or Tom at (207) 315-2277 or email  susie@stephensonfiberarts.com, tom@stephensonfiberarts.com.  

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  1. February 22, 2016 at 10:30 am

    This post was recently updated for 2016. Apologies to those who saw the 2015 schedule and thought it was this year’s. Fortunately we are better at fiber art than technology!

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